Email Setup

Important Note for MSN Hotmail® Users
Due to Hotmail email policies, users using hotmail.com email address may have difficulty in receiving their hosting welcome emails from us. We strongly recommend that you use some other email address at this time. We also would advise you to contact our support using a non-hotmail email address to receive replies properly. It is especially hard to track email delivery failure with Hotmail, as Hotmail servers do not return a failed status, but silently discard emails which do not pass their filter criteria. Welcome emails with several IP addresses enclosed are often filtered out as spam. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are an existing client, please follow the applicable instructions below:

Windows - SMTP set-up for Outlook Express
Windows - SMTP set-up for Outlook
- SMTP set-up for Windows Mail (formerly Outlook)
Mac - SMTP set-up for Microsoft Entourage for Mac
Mac - SMTP set-up for Apple OSX Mail